9 Web Design Trends You Need on Your Website in 2022

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9 Web Design Trends You Need on Your Website in 2022

Design trends can shape everything from websites to package design. Websites now need to be more accessible, easy to navigate, and flow seamlessly. With this in mind, web designers today feel the need to create a more user-centric focus amidst a highly competitive landscape. When you plan to design your website, hire web design services from a reputed agency that understands UX in line with your needs.

As society spends more of its time online, web designers are engaging users on an emotional level. Funky designs, bold colors, minimalistic, contrasting, web design trends for 2022 are to inject a little extra happiness into the world. Let’s see the 9 web design trends you need on your website in 2022.     

1. Lesser images

Lesser images

In the age where web development services give significance to visual content, how about a home page with no or fewer images? You don’t seem to be impressed, isn’t it? But it is the web design trend and you will see more of it in 2022. The trick is to use a simple but effective background to focus on the text. Keep an oversized font so that it is easy to read. Only text on the page allows you to try animation effects on it or place interactive elements on the page. The page may look minimalistic to you, but if you convey the message effectively through large text elements and interesting typeface as in the above example, it is worth the design. 

2. Typography animation

Typography Animation

You have seen visual content like videos and images that tell a story. But have you seen moving fonts instead of static ones on a website? Kinetic typography or animated fonts is rapidly evolving with new techniques. The typography may be used to guide users through different sections of the website or it may simply convey a message. 

3. Layered effects

Layered Effects

The 3D Parallax effects can be refined to give a layered approach to elements on the website. Stack, merge, or overlap the elements but see to it that there is a connection between the design elements and the depth effect. The layered effect can be understated or obvious, but it works. For better effects, use multiple layers, background, mid-ground, and foreground. Put together a variety of elements in visually interesting and meaningful ways.    

4. Linework


Remember hiring web design services way back in the early 90s and what you would get is a website resembling a newspaper. Nostalgic, isn’t it? Segregating sections, headers, and product galleries using lines are back as a web design trend for 2022. In some cases, these lines give a natural feel almost like a newspaper or magazine. This concept is to differentiate content without confusing the viewers. The above example makes use of arrows to maximize content. Overall, it keeps the design neat and readable.

5. Split screen

Split screen

Split-screen web designs establish a distinct visual flow. They highlight a vertical image that stands out from so many full-screen hero homepages. They differentiate between types of content on a website. Sometimes, they highlight a continuity in the story flow as seen in the above example. Split-screen web design can be a great choice for responsive frameworks because on big screens like desktops and laptops, it is shown as a split-screen but for mobile devices, it is stacked one above the other or used as carousels.

6. Brutal designs

Brutal designs

From architecture style to web design style, brutal is a raw expression that complements the ideas and characteristics of the website. Brutal design is known for its industrial look with simple geometric shapes. It leaves a strong impression on the viewer and is effective in direct communication. In fact, it can be said as a nonconforming style that rebels against the established web design patterns. The typography is heavily evident and there is a lack of hierarchy on these sites. Another important feature is the use of 90s inspired graffiti and motifs from pop culture in these designs. Such sites prefer simple navigation but with no clear rules. It is worthwhile to hire expert web development services if you are planning to go with this trend because it is already brutal and you cannot afford to go over the top with it.

7. Glassmorphism


This is a trend in UI design that emphasizes a blurred background placed on objects that allow the background to shine through giving the impression of a frosted glass effect. Apple has pioneered this concept in its products. The glassmorphism concept involves an opaque background and semi-transparent elements in the foreground. The idea is to create softer contrasts between the light and dark elements.

8. Oversized pointers

Oversized pointers

The great thing about oversized pointers or mouse hovers is that it provides usability information to the website visitors. It helps them better engage with the design. In the above example, the circular pointer moves around the screen and changes color when it comes across a clickable link. It is made more evident by the kinetic typography wherein the clickable link text moves when the mouse hovers over it. Hire professional website design services to incorporate this trend as it needs sophistication and expertise. 

9. Black & white color schemes

Black & white color schemes

Simplicity and starkness are the two features on display in the black & white web design trend. But when a designer has to play with two opposite colors of the spectrum, other elements such as typography, layout, and grid have to be perfect to catch the viewer’s attention. Black & white offers the maximum contrast possible and this makes the web design strong and powerful.


We hope you enjoyed seeing the web design trends for 2022. Now, is the time to act. Hire professional website design services to integrate these into your website and stay on top of the latest web design trends.

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